Bidirectional technologies for more satisfaction among customers and staff

The Corona crisis is accelerating many developments that businesses have mostly been discussing as theories so far, including allowing both remote working for employees and the option to handle customer requests remotely. However: Even though working from home and digital business processes have always been possible, both concepts are now becoming the way of doing things because only the Internet allows for social distancing with all parties involved being present.

But which methods and technologies help you to quickly implement this idea of handling everything remotely when it comes to your services, business processes and customers – and what other benefits can your company derive from this?

With the help of practical examples that were implemented already, this whitepaper will show you how to take this step towards digital processes and satisfied customers and employees successfully.

This whitepaper will show you

  • Digital acceptance of orders without employee contact – achieved at BKK Linde in five days by standardizing new digital services
  • How to establish a direct connection to the customer by introducing bidirectional services
  • How these digital services increase customer loyalty
  • How to win customers over with new ideas

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