Create and adapt processes in your DMS quickly and easily

Just about every company is engaged in digitalization and working towards replacing paper-based processes with automated digital ones. However, there has to be a healthy basis for this to work.

The prerequisite for introducing digital processes in a company is a document management system (DMS). As the most important building block in digitalization, it allows you to design, implement and adapt countless processes at any time.

Nevertheless, many companies fear that this requires lots of effort and that they will lack the necessary know-how. Here you’ll learn how to map and implement processes in the easy DMS within a few hours – without having to call in IT experts or consultants.


What You Will Learn in this White Paper:

  • The challenge of creating digital processes 
  • How to use the Process Builder within the easy DMS to create and modify processes in a simple and easy manner 
  • Which processes you can map using the Process Builder