Create and adapt processes in a Document Management System quickly and easily!

The first step of digitalisation is to introduce  a document management system (DMS).  The DMS is the most important component in digitisation, and with the right software you can design, implement and adapt a countless amount of processes at any time.

However, many companies fear that this will involve a lot of effort and that the necessary know-how is missing. This is not the case! 

With the EASY Process Builder, you can map and implement processes in the DMS within a few hours - without having to involve IT experts or consultants.

All of this is done using a simple add-in for Microsoft Visio . With this, even complex processes can be mapped cleanly, intuitively and visually and then transferred your DMS workflows with just a few clicks.

In this white paper you will learn

  • The challenge in creating digital processes 
  • How you can create and change processes simply and easily with the EASY Process Builder 
  • Which processes can be mapped with the EASY Process Builder 

Whether you have already implemented a DMS system or in the consideration stage, this whitepaper is designed to support you through your digitalisation journey! 

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