Creating a Paperless Office with Digital Documents

What the life cycle of a document looks like in a document management system

Many companies would like to finally bid farewell to paper and introduce digital, automated processes. They have realized that traditional working methods such as storing documents on a hard disk no longer meet the increased requirements for the availability of information.

A document management system (DMS) is the prerequisite for introducing digital documents and processes in a company.

A DMS enables the electronic management of all kinds of information and thus becomes the central platform for the optimization of all document-based activities, ensuring seamless collaboration within the company. This way, information becomes a business resource for your organization instead of disappearing into the archive unused.

What You Will Learn in this Whitepaper

  • Which documents are processed in businesses on a daily basis.
  • What challenges are involved in processing and filing documents.
  • How a DMS digitalizes documents and automates processes.
  • Which steps a document follows in a DMS.

Take the most important step towards a paperless office. Learn more about document management systems and how they enable digital working.