Working productively in the home office has been EASY for a long time.

Document management for a paperless office.

Many companies want to finally say goodbye to paper and introduce digital, automated processes . They have recognised that traditional ways of working, such as saving documents on a hard drive, no longer meet the increased requirements for the availability of information .

Especially in times of health crisis, when many employees are sent to the home office, the availability of digital document processes without media disruptions is becoming a critical success factor. What was hardly noticed before, for example that contracts have to be printed out in order to have them signed, or the customer files that are gathering dust in a folder behind the desk, now becomes an insurmountable obstacle. It's time to rethink. Document management systems not only help your employees to work efficiently in the home office, but are also a worthwhile investment in the digitisation of the company .

A document management system (DMS) is the prerequisite for the introduction of digital documents and processes in the company.

A DMS enables the electronic management of documents of all kinds and thus becomes the central platform for the optimisation of all document-based activities and seamless collaboration in the company. Information becomes a valuable business resource for your company instead of disappearing into the archive unused.

In this white paper you will learn

  • Which documents have to be processed in companies every day.
  • The challenges involved in processing and filing documents.
  • How a DMS digitises documents and automates processes.
  • Which steps a document goes through in a DMS.
  • Instructions on how to start and successfully carry out a DMS project in your company.