Create even more with less effort?

This may sound paradoxical at first glance. In fact, it shows the "magic" of digital processes. If you already use a digital incoming invoice solution or are planning to do so, the topic of "AAP" will be of interest to you. After all, digital incoming invoice processing can undoubtedly be further optimized.

In this white paper, we will show you ways in which you can use digital incoming invoice management to

  • reduce the throughput times of incoming invoices even further
  • and at the same time minimize the required workload.

Let's talk in numbers: Turnaround times of a few seconds without labor are the goal. No voodoo, no magic is needed - the magic words are "Automated accounts payable processing". In the white paper, we familiarize you with this idea of background processing. We will also show you the options for implementing fully automated incoming invoice processing and how to take the first steps using a proof of concept (PoC).

The idea of background processing initially triggers a hesitant attitude among many responsible parties. This is understandable, because when it comes to bills to be paid, people want to retain maximum control. However, this concern is unfounded, as you will learn in the white paper.

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