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Customer-self-service has become increasingly popular in recent years. Companies, public authorities and other institutions are using self-service in more and more areas. Consumer studies demonstrate that customer-self-service has become one of the most important criteria for customers when evaluating their customer experience.

For businesses, this means it’s no longer a matter of whether self-service is actually worthwhile. Rather, they have to discover how best to select, tailor and implement self-service so that providers and customers reap as many benefits as possible.

In our guide, we explain how to successfully implement customer-self-service and give five proven tips for building customer-self-service solutions.

Main topics:

  • Customer-Self-Service: The Most Important Applications
  • How Do I Successfully Implement Customer-Self-Service?
  • Advantages of  a customer-self-service portal
  • Best Practice: Five Proven Tips for Building Customer-Self-Service Solutions
  • EASY Portal Experience - A self-service portal that relies on an equally seamless connection to EASY SOFTWARE solutions and data from third-party systems under the surface

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