Find a document management system that suits you.

The choice of the right document management system for your company should not be made rashly. Investing in a DMS is an investment in the future. Many stands and falls depending on the current situation of your company.

In this free guide, we provide a step-by-step walk-through for choosing the right document management system for you.

  • Benefit from the advantages of a digital document management solution
  • DMS brings structure to your documents and data
  • Accessible and transparent processes thanks to DMS
  • Seamless and paperless collaboration within the company
  • Secure compliance with SLAs: thanks to deadline management with several escalation levels
  • High document security thanks to a graduated rights concept

Capturing, distributing, filing, editing and archiving documents are fixed process components of day-to-day document management in companies. And not to be forgotten: deleting and searching for documents.

In this guide we explain

  • How to determine the current state of your company
  • How to provide important key figures about your document-based processes
  • How to get the specialist departments and important key users on board in time for the selection of the DMS
  • What you need to consider when integrating the DMS into your existing IT systems