Find a document management system that suits you.

The choice of a suitable document management system for your company shouldn’t be made without prior consideration. A lot of things depend on the current situation in your company.

Before you introduce a DMS, you should ask yourself some important questions and answer them honestly. As a DMS will be used by many specialist departments, you should include the specialist departments in the questions.

In this catalogue of requirements you will learn:

  • How to determine the current status of the company
  • How to deliver key metrics about your document-based processes
  • How to pick up the specialist departments and important key users and include them in the selection of the DMS
  • What you need to consider when integrating the DMS into your existing IT systems

We also provide you with a checklist with which you can select your suitable document management system step by step.

Benefit from the advantages of a digital document management solution

  • DMS brings structure to your documents and data
  • Accessible and transparent processes thanks to DMS
  • Seamless and paperless corporate collaboration
  • Reliable compliance with SLAs: thanks to deadline management with several escalation levels
  • High document security thanks to a graduated rights concept

Make the dream of a paperless office a reality with a document management system.