Material Management 4.0

Clean master data forms the basis for automated material management. But professional master data management is a complex process.

Customers, employees and companies are becoming increasingly reliant to online interactions – meaning data must be not only relevant but also accurate.

No digitisation without clean material master data – and no automation without digitisation.

The creation of material master data is not a self-runner and involves many business risks:

  • Long throughput times
  • Low level of IT integration
  • High coordination effort
  • Missing standards
  • Numerous media discontinuities
  • Lack of transparency
  • High susceptibility to errors

Master data managed correctly saves you money; in most cases, the ROI for investments in material management is achieved within one year.

What you can learn in the whitepaper Material Management 4.0

  • How you can benefit from the digitisation and networking of manufacturing processes
  • Why clean material master data is a prerequisite for industry 4.0
  • Which causes and consequences do badly maintained material master data have?
  • How to create the basis for successful digital transformation with Material Management 4.0
  • Discover useful insights and suggestions on material management in the SAP system. 




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