Reduce costs when moving to S/4HANA


The migration to S/4HANA requires considerable resources: planning, roadmaps, migration paths and some man-hours – everything has to be carefully considered. The result is a new SAP® ERP system that lives in an in-memory database.

This is exactly where the crux lies. One can expect a high-performance S/4HANA system. However, SAP is silent about the costs of the HANA in-memory database. Definitely: After the conversion to S/4HANA, a gigabyte-based volume price can be expected. Every gigabyte that the HANA database holds counts. And this is exactly where a well-planned strategy can save enormous costs.

Contents of the whitepaper

Learn in this whitepaper how you can elegantly avoid expenses in advance. 

  • How to archive and store data on an external storage device. This helps companies to optimize costs
  • How you can make the switch to S/4HANA faster, simpler and cheaper with optimized structuring and archiving of your data even before data migration
  • How to migrate only the necessary data and documents to the HANA database with the SAP-certified EASY WebDAV for SAP ILM
  • Get to know the smart duet of EASY Archive and EASY WebDAV for SAP ILM®. In addition to cost-optimized S/4HANA archiving, you will also set GDPR-compliant archiving and company-internal compliance rules.



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