GDPR compliant archiving, finally


Since the introduction of GDPR, companies have been under pressure to act. Particularly with regard to archiving, personal data now has a lifecycle – the information lifecycle. Data of this kind must be blocked or deleted at certain times. For this you need an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).

How you can implement this with SAP, SAP ILM and EASY WebDAV for SAP ILM in almost no time at all is the central topic of this whitepaper.

The whitepaper explains how to meet GDPR requirements by combining SAP ILM, EASY WebDAV for SAP and EASY Archive.

Contents of the whitepaper

  • What does the GDPR mean in the context of Information Lifecycle Management?
  • What does SAP ILM do?
  • What does EASY WebDAV for SAP ILM work like?
  • What does EASY WebDAV for SAP ILM do?
  • What challenges does EASY WebDAV for SAP ILM solve?



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