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Manual paper invoice processes cause:

  • long processing times
  • countless copies and associated inconsistencies
  • "never-ending " search for invoices and overflowing file shelves
Into the future with the digital incoming invoice

Optimise your incoming invoices with a digital solution. Faster processing times for incoming invoices, a significant increase in transparency and improved collaboration across locations are waiting for you. In addition, remain legally compliant and rely on future-proof invoice formats. Moreover, with the cloud variant EASY Invoice Smart, you are digital within 24 hours.

  • high process quality
  • Transparency
  • Swiftness
  • Ability to provide information
  • Digital in the cloud in 24 hours

What you will learn in the whitepaper: 

The white paper on electronic incoming invoices provides an overview of these topics:

  • How digital invoice processing enables and simplifies location-independent collaboration
  • How invoice workflows work, and which departments benefit
  • Which advantages EASY Invoice Smart offers for modern incoming invoice management
  • Answers to other common questions about the digital incoming invoice process

Learn in our whitepaper how to avoid stumbling blocks with digital incoming invoice processing and optimize the incoming invoice process in a short time.

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