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Documents & processes made ready to go

Microsoft's new ERP system Dynamics 365 Business Central is already becoming the popular successor to Dynamics NAV. In terms of seamless document management processes, both ERP systems unfortunately have functional gaps.

Smart add-on solutions for document management, however, compensate for these functional gaps. As a result, you can now digitize documents and records seamlessly, easily and securely. The whitepaper will show you how to implement this using EASY for Dynamics 365 Business Central.


  • Learn in which areas a digital document management system (DMS) helps
  • Learn about the legal requirements for a DMS
  • Learn how to manage business processes completely and within a single application
  • How EASY for Business Central 365 helps you seamlessly switch between different devices (laptop, smartphone, etc.) and always find the same work status
  • Cloud first: Since 2014 Microsoft's product strategy - what does that mean for you as a user of Business Central 365?
  • Deployment models of EASY for Dynamics Business Central 365 easily explained
  • Learn about the benefits of the cloud: physical security and data protection



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