You have decided in favor of digital document management and are now faced with the proverbial "agony of choice"?  Which DMS features do you really need in your company? What should you consider when selecting a software provider? And what are the subsequent steps for DMS implementation in the company? Questions like these are easily answered in our whitepaper, which includes a DMS vendor comparison tool.

What you can expect of the whitepaper

Due to the increased demand for intelligent solutions in recent years, the market for DMS solutions has grown steadily. At the same time, the various DMS solutions have become very differentiated, which makes it even more difficult to gain an overview. To simplify the selection process under these general conditions, we first present a summary of the last three years in the whitepaper:

  • What are the current trends in the DMS market?
  • Which features solve which problem in companies?

We then recommend a procedure for selecting the document management system that is right for your company. At the end of this procedure, we present you the DMS Vendor Comparison Tool:

The DMS Vendor Comparison Tool

  • Compare up to 10 providers
  • Evaluate the available services based on your requirements
  • Result: The range of services offered by the providers you have selected

The end result is a precise overview of the range of services offered by the providers you have selected, which you can then use as a basis for internal decision-making.

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