Control your contracts 

With Contract Lifecycle Management in SAP

New contracts appear on a daily basis, for example in the areas of purchasing, sales or service. It is difficult to keep track of them, as most contracts contain important dates and a large number of attachments.

Unfortunately, today contracts are filed decentrally, which leads to a lack of transparency throughout the company. Deadlines are missed and cause high unplanned costs and contracts are created in different templates, which leads to inconsistencies.

What to expect in this whitepaper

This whitepaper provides recommendations for sales, legal, procurement, and finance professionals wanting to grow in your organization.

  • Learn how the contract lifecycle impacts your business
  • Learn why your organization should adopt contract lifecycle management
  • Experience best practices for contract lifecycle management
  • What questions should your company ask itself when deciding on a solution?

Field reports from practice - why contract management in SAP?

Let this White Paper also inspire you by practical examples. Two companies that rely on contract management in SAP are presented. Learn how electronic contract management enables automation in all aspects of the contract lifecycle.
  • How companies are reducing their operating costs as a result
  • How the speed and efficiency of all contract processes increase
  • How digital contracts enable companies to benefit from easier liability management and reduce compliance risks
  • And how contract management finally impacts their revenue in a positive way

As a forward-thinking company, you should recognize early on that contract lifecycle management is already inevitable as an enterprise initiative.


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