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For companies, the day-to-day handling of data and documents and their archiving is of key importance. Data accumulates every day, which on the one hand has to be stored for a defined period for legal reasons. On the other hand, because of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), these documents also have to be blocked for a certain period of time and then erased after a period of time has elapsed. It is clear that a balancing act has to be achieved between the archiving, blocking and erasure.  

An Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) system is a huge help in successfully managing these requirements. SAP provides one of these systems in the form of SAP ILM. Although SAP ILM supports you with the GDPR-compliant management of personal data and documents in your company, it is logically the case that additional preparatory work is also necessary when preparing for an SAP ILM project. 

Contents of the whitepaper:

  • You will find out important details about the legal backgrounds to data archiving beyond the GDPR
  • Find out about the requirements of the GDPR
  • Find out what is considered personal data according to the GDPR
  • Learn about best practices in preparation for an ILM project

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