With the digital transformation, the volume of documents and information in companies continues to increase. It affects not only corporations and large enterprises, but also and especially smaller and medium-sized companies, in which individual employees often have larger areas of responsibility and fill more complex roles.

document archive plays a central role

A document archive in the course of your company's digital transformation is not a dusty storage area for discarded documents. Rather, the archive of the future functions as an intelligent interface to make business processes simpler, faster and more effective. This relieves the workload on employees who have many areas of responsibility.

The archive of the future

In this white paper, we explain how well-structured document archiving can help your employees to better find their way through the flood of information and to actively use it. After all, the information stored and networked in the archive contains real knowledge - and thus a treasure trove of data that is still often unused. We'll show you how to mine this treasure trove of data and transform your archive into a pulsating data heart.

Read in the whitepaper about:

  • Document archiving: a topic that concerns all business managers
  • Information management in the digital workspace: where it fails and how it succeeds
  • In the workflow trap: how ineffective processes block companies
  • Process digitization: what document archiving merged with business processes does
  • Document archiving in the Digital Workspace: the archive of the future

Digitization will give archives a completely new significance for companies in the future: they will become the central data and knowledge hub. Get an idea of these new possibilities today.

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