How to create happier suppliers, happier buyers & more profitable businesses

Self-services” are the words on everyone’s lips. After all, they simplify life hugely. These days, we seem to have them with us at all times. On the smart phone in our pocket, in our tablet sleeve or on our notebook. And it isn’t just about your end customers. Even your employees in purchasing, external target groups such as suppliers and ultimately your company benefit from self-services, provided easily via self-service portals.

In this white paper, you will learn about the profitable options that self-service portals offer for suppliers and for your purchasing department.


  • What kind of an administrative workload does managing supplier data entail for the respective departments? 
  • How can you minimize this workload through forward-looking technologies and working methods?
  • What are self-services, and how can they be presented to employees and external target groups on a straightforward basis via a self-service portal? 
  • What benefits, in detail, result from self-services? 

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