Archive personal data and documents in compliance with GDPR

Using EASY WebDAV for SAP® ILM

According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR), personal data and documents must be archived in a data protection-compliant manner - otherwise there is a risk of severe sanctions.

This is not an easy task for SAP users, because almost all data has a direct reference to a person. SAP offers its customers its own SAP ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) solution. Information lifecycle management includes rules, processes, procedures, and tools for capturing and destroying data.

In this Webinar we will show you how to set up technical and organizational measures for blocking and deleting personal data in SAP using SAP ILM and the EASY WebDAV for SAP ILM interface.

Webinar content

  • Fact check GDPR (General data protection regulation)
  • Implementation of SAP Information Lifecycle Management
  • GDPR-compliant archiving using the certified interface EASY Webdav for SAP ILM
    • Architecture
    • Implementation
    • Administration
  • Why you should consider an ILM-enabled repository early on when mooving to S4/HANA.



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