Signing documents digitally not only simplifies and accelerates collaboration in business processes. In fact, digital signatures strengthen trust in signed documents and their legal security. In this way, electronic signatures make a significant contribution to the efficiency of business processes and increase the success of a company.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about digital signatures in corporate use; key facts and legal aspects are summarized compactly. As you read, you will learn:

  • What is the eIDAS regulation?
  • Which types of electronic signature exist with which security levels?
  • How does the signature process work in corporate practice?
  • How can the signature process be understood and mapped as a workflow?
  • What do decision-makers need to consider when introducing a solution for digital signature processes in the company?
  • How and with what do you start the introduction of a signature solution in the company without friction and with a focus on practicability and success control?

This practical guide explains in detail what you need to know and consider about digital signatures. The digital signature gives your signature processes wings and allows your company to work faster, more efficiently and with fewer resources overall.