Status of Digitization and Experience Management in Companies

EASY SOFTWARE conducted a representative survey in cooperation with the auditing company KPMG. 401 companies from different industries with more than 100 employees provide an assessment of the degree of digitization of companies. This overview identifies whether and how companies use a combination of operational and experience-related data from their stakeholders.


Together with KPMG, EASY SOFTWARE conducted the first survey on the degree of digitization of companies.


"Like your stakeholders, you have the opportunity to create an experience that is personalized, saves time and allows seamless switching between multiple channels."

Henning Bauwe, Partner, Atlas Platform Services, KPMG Auditing Company


What do you learn in the study?

What do you think of when you hear the word "experience"? Customer Experience (CX) is probably your first association. This is understandable - after all, "the customer is king" has been conveyed for decades and anyone who wants to stand up to the competition must satisfy customer needs as best as possible. However, a look at traditional competition alone is no longer enough.


  • how X- and O-Data will change your business tomorrow.
  • why companies that neglect digital change put their sustainability at risk.
  • what advantages companies hope to gain from digitization.
  • why many employees are critical of a 360° overview of all stakeholders despite the advantages.
In Europe, experience management is still in its infancy:
  • About 39 % collect experience data (X data).
  • The idea of a 360° Experience has not yet reached companies.
  • Scepticism and restraint in the collection of X-Data still predominate.

In addition to valuable insights into the status of digitization and the current benefits of experience management, the study also provides seven realistic tips for your entrepreneurial success.



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