The Digital Signature: The Star Among Digital Tools

In-house contract management bidding farewell to paper for the foreseeable future and embracing digitalization in a consistent and sustainable manner. The signature process is often a major bottleneck when it comes to digital contract management. Gathering contract signatures on physical paper is a rather time-consuming process, as it requires printing, posting, cross-checking and then filing.

Digital signatures supply contract management with an intelligent solution for this process step. According to Bitkom, not a single one of the companies surveyed that introduced digital signatures during the coronavirus pandemic want to say goodbye to this digital tool ever again. This makes digital signatures the most widely recognized tool in the digital office.

In this guide, we’ll show you:

  • How digital signatures meet these requirements and what the benefits are
  • The contract type for which it is particularly suitable
  • And how to design and create signature processes using digital signatures from contract management.



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