With our checklist, the way to your DMS is easy

A document management system (DMS) is an important tool for dealing with the growing amount of information and working with it efficiently. It brings structure to data and documents and helps keep processes lean.

The decision to digitally map corporate processes with the help of a DMS is the starting signal for a complex project in which those responsible for the project are faced with central questions:

  • Which DMS is right for my company?
  • What should I look for when choosing a provider?
  • How can I organise the project so that it runs smoothly and without delays?

The importance of introducing a DMS should not be underestimated because, after all, it has an impact on all areas of the company. Good preparation is therefore crucial.

To ensure that the DMS introduction in your company is a success, we accompany you step by step on this path with our checklist and provide you with assistance for the individual project phases:

  • Project planning: define framework conditions, plan realistically and keep an eye on timings.
  • As-is analysis: record documents, outline processes, and identify problems
  • Requirements definition: actual-target comparison as the basis for the requirements catalog
  • Vendor selection: From longlist to shortlist and finally to solution workshop
  • Implementation and training: Installation, data migration, and training concept

Our checklist provides you with important practical tips for each step, so you are well prepared to make the important decisions on the way to your DMS.

So nothing stands in the way of a successful DMS implementation!