How to optimise your material master data

Step by step to a successful project

Many companies have already recognised that the quality of their data is crucial for the ability to act and the agility of your company in times of digital transformation.

However, initiatives to optimise master data are only being started slowly. These projects often seem too overpowering, complex and uncertain. The creation and maintenance of master data can be easier and more straightforward than you think.

In the whitepaper you will learn how to start a project to optimise your material master data in SAP and thus lay a solid basis for your future business success.

What you will learn in the whitepaper:

  • The challenges of master data creation
  • The drivers of the digitisation of the material master creation process
  • There are stumbling blocks in the project and this is what the solutions look like
  • How can a digitisation project take place in concrete terms?

Existing structures, a lack of responsibilities, inadequate project management and inadequate automation often stand in the way of successfully redesigning the data creation process. The scope of the process and the changes are also often underestimated.

The redesign of the process begins with determining the current situation. In workshops, a refined process is developed that takes various types of material and company-specific requirements into account.

Within this whitepaper, discover useful insights and suggestions on the subject of material management in the SAP system.



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