Status of Digitisation and Experience Management in UK Companies

EASY SOFTWARE conducted a representative survey, in which 502 companies from different industries, each company with over 100 employees, provide an assessment of the degree of digitisation of UK companies.


  • How experience and operational data will change your business tomorrow
  • The importance placed on retaining talent, addressing productivity gaps and meeting growing workplace expectations from younger demographics.
  • Which valuable data you might have ignored until now
  • Why companies that neglect digital change put their sustainability at risk
  • What companies hope to gain from digitisation
  • What the differences are between digitisation in Germany and the UK

Find out about challenges UK companies are facing:

  • What are the biggest hurdles for end-to-end digitisation and experience management?
  • Which groups of stakeholders have, so far, been neglected when it comes to experience management?
  • How do companies need to adapt in order to tackle challenges like Brexit and COVID-19?

In addition to valuable insights into the status of digitisation and the current benefits of experience management, the study also reveals how you can improve your own business and stay ahead of the competition.


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