Make archived data more usable

Through integrated document management

As business processes become increasingly digitalized, the volume of data in companies is growing exponentially. Global connectivity is accelerating this trend and creating a new challenge: Where should all the data and documents go when they’re not needed?

Companies that control their business processes with SAP and other enterprise applications face challenges such as rising operating costs and decreasing performance. At the same time, legislators in many places are imposing strict requirements to ensure revision-proof processing and storage of information.

What Yo Will Learn in this White Paper:

  • The challenges that users of enterprise applications face with regard to data and documents processing in their company
  • Intelligent alternatives to standard archiving systems
  • How the EASY Archiving for SAP Solutions covers the entire lifecycle of documents
  • What you should pay attention to in data archiving and document storage in the run-up to migration to SAP S/4HANA



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