Drivers for a digital master data

Migration to the new environment

Data has become one of the most crucial factors in the success of companies. It forms the basis for digitalization projects and the automation of business processes. However, not all data is the same. Nothing can run effectively in your company without one specific type: your master data.

Master data is basic information about all operationally relevant objects such as customers, suppliers, employees and products. All other data in the company can only be used in a meaningful manner if it is linked to the correct master data. We have learned from experience that unclean master data is one of the primary reasons why digitalization initiatives fail.

Now let’s assume that your master data is completely error-free. What possibilities does it offer? And how can you improve your master data if it needs to be optimized? 

In this session we discuss about why the potential migration to SAP S/4 HANA is a good reason to clean up your data and show you how your entire production process can become more efficient and transparent.

We will show you the most common challenges our customers face and the advantages you will gain by using fully digitalized solutions.


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