Changing and Creating Master Data in SAP

With EASY Material Management

You have recognized that clean material master data leads to success in your company?

Now it' s time to move on to the next steps: The selection of a suitable service provider for the digitalization of your material master creation process.

In this session we will provide valuable insights and benefits of the software from EASY Material Management for SAP Solutions.

Learn how to apply for materials, create plant views, check errors automatically and change materials using our software - all from a single source.

In addition, you will also learn the most important functions of the software.

Using examples based on real business transactions we will demonstrate the points of friction and show you ways to overcome these. You will also learn how the automated duplicate check works - one of the biggest sources of error in the production process if there is no continuously digitized process in the company.

Interesting? Join our webinar and stay one step ahead!


Marcus Surges
Process Consultant
+49 20845016296
Derek Lambert
Sales Director

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