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From this year's AP Automation Digital Summit

As is the case with many digitization and process optimization initiatives, implementing an A/P automation solution is very rarely a ‘one-and-done’ event… far from it! While taking the first step and implementing an A/P automation solution can easily result in several ‘quick wins’, this is a journey that is best viewed through the lens of time. As the needs of your business evolve over time, organizations naturally need to remain focused on scaling to meet these challenges.

The concept of ‘continual process improvement’ is nothing new and having a keen eye on how existing A/P processes address the needs of a growing Enterprise can enable organizations to proactively rise to meet these challenges in advance of process breakdowns and failure.

We are pleased to share our presentation about:

'The Paradox of Choice: Finding Meaningful Differentiation in a World of Technological Parity' from the AP Automation Digital Summit 2021.

In this session we discussed how our collaborative, customer-centric solution methodology enables greater visibility and insight into customer challenges and delivering A/P solutions that rebuff the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

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Derek Lambert
Managing Director
EASY Software, Inc.

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