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What to expect in this webinar?

With 33 years of expertise in digital transformation, we are firmly convinced that the future of companies and organisations lies in the cloud. In this webinar you will find out more about our new innovative product easy archive and the benefits of the cloud platform  along with a demonstration.

Here are the main topics that will be included:

  • an introduction to cloud archiving
  • the advantages of introducing cloud archiving software to your business
  • live demonstration
  • security in the cloud
  • outlook integration
  • Q & A 

Why should you consider cloud archiving?

Seamless cloud archiving: All archive functions are now available in the cloud. There are no rules for migration paths or similar. You decide for yourself whether, how, when and to what extent you want to switch to the new cloud world. A hybrid operating model is also possible.

Outstanding cyber security: Benefit from first-class cyber security measures to protect your data from threats.

User-friendly interface: Our intuitive user interface is designed to make workflows faster and more efficient

One client, multiple archives: Our hybrid solution allows you to manage both on-premises archives and cloud archives in a single client. This means no need for complex migration projects and the ability to switch off older systems if required. 

Participation in AI and other technological innovations: You have direct access to all current and future product and cross-product AI and other technological innovations. 

Updates, time savings and automation - all-round carefree package: Always stay at the cutting edge of technology with regular updates. Simplify operations with automated updates, backups and scaling options to minimise manual effort. There are flexible package options to choose from.

Cost efficiency: Achieve direct cost efficiency by reducing IT hardware and maintenance costs. 

Scalability: Focus on growing your business as our archive automatically adapts to your needs. Additional resources can of course be easily allocated at any time.

Flexible working methods: Work where, when and how you need to and access data and applications from anywhere in the world to make your business mobile and agile. Access is possible from anywhere and is protected by multi-factor authentication.

Collaboration without barriers: Improve teamwork with shareable resources and seamless data access. Grant access rights and system access to external employees, colleagues and partners.

Data security and compliance: Meet strict security standards and industry-specific compliance requirements.

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