Invoices, orders, e-mails, contracts and the like accumulate in every company over the years. Some of these documents contain important company information that you have to access over and over again. Others, such as invoices, are subject to statutory storage regulations .

The digital file ensures that all necessary information is transparently bundled and digitally available and with the working environment ever changing, it has never been so important to access these files anytime, anywhere. 

In this live webinar you will get a comprehensive insight into how the digital file works, using the example of a project file , including a look at the software .

So what will you learn in this webinar?

  • Linking of files 
  • Searching for files 
  • Workflow with files using the example of an approval workflow (approval of a project) 
  • Structure of the digital files from EASY SOFTWARE
  • DMS functions: resubmission, file note
  • Input channels for documents in the digital file

Goals of the webinar:

Experience the advantages of a digital project file live:

  • greater transparency - all information in one file
  • intuitive use - no extensive training required
  • complete overview thanks to central data storage, reduced search effort
  • It is also possible to work across locations
  • Legal security and compliance at the touch of a button