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Track, Trace and Protect – The Health Radar Module

Today companies are faced with unique challenges, they must be able to minimise infection risks and be able to track and disrupt potential infection chains in the workplace to protect their employees as well as their customers and business partners.

The EASY Employee App empowers organisations to do this quickly and effectively so that employers take preventative measures such as informing employees to work from home before they show symptoms – automatically and reliably.

EASY Employee App users can report that they have tested positive for an infectious disease and the HR department is directly informed. At the same time, the app automatically searches the integrated attendance and contact lists for each infection reported. Then the EASY employee app detects every person who may have been in physical contact or proximity to the infected person and notifies them automatically. The resulting data is not stored in the app but is confidentially delivered to the HR department.

With today’s “New Work” reality, companies need to find ways to digitalize their business processes faster while adapting to the way employees are working today. Learn how the EASY ApiOmat HR app provides a starting point to eliminating paper-based business processes while helping employers protect their workforce.


Travis Marsh
Digital Transformation Consultant

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