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Automate your invoice process within SAP

In a recent poll we discovered that the biggest challenges today in the AP department, is the poor visibility of processes, and inaccurate input of data. These issues cost time, and ultimately money. 

Without visibility across all financial content and documents, how can organisations determine which documents are missing, or have been misrouted, stolen or destroyed? 

Join SAP experts, Sean McLaughlan and Howard Frear and gain a deeper insight into the topic "processing digital incoming invoices in SAP". Learn more about the advantages of automated processing of incoming invoices and how you can save time, money and stress!

Why should you consider invoice automation?

  • high process quality
  • transparency
  • speed
  • ability to provide information
  • 100% integrated in SAP


Trafford Council makes light work of invoice management

‘“Previously, people had less visibility, so teams would never know quite what had been ordered. This could be an issue in an auditing situation. Now, by contrast, it’s easy to search all purchase orders, invoices and financial records electronically, so visibility and auditability is much improved.” 

Mark Lilley, Trafford Council’s SAP Systems Manager




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How to reduce invoice processing time by over 90%!