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The information management professional leadership group AIIM took a global look at the current Accounts Payable state of affairs and comes to the conclusion:

Invoice processing still isn't adequately automated.

A non-automated Accounts Payable process leads to:

  • suffering needless expense
  • inefficiency
  • lack of competitiveness
  • non-transparent processes

Do you want to avoid this in your company and streamline your invoice processing? Read our whitepaper and learn how you can make progress in Accounts Payable automation to grow your business through achieving the following goals:

  • Accounts Payable automation reduces invoice processing time to a minimum
  • Time and location independent: approval procedures for invoices via smartphones or tablets allows maximum flexibility
  • Invoice processing software enhances transparency: status of the incoming invoices, change steps, and full process overview, any time and company-wide

The World is becoming more and more automated. EASY SOFTWARE helps your business to digitise the Accounts Payable processes with user-oriented software solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. 

What to expect in the Accounts Payable automation whitepaper

This whitepaper presents recommendations for Finance, Accounts Payable and Procure-To-Pay practitioners to move forward, featuring research and insights from The Accounts Payable Association, AIIM and EASY SOFTWARE.

  • Statistics from The Accounts Payable Association (APA)
  • AIIM Report – the current state of Accounts Payable
  • Insight from Jamie Radford, Founder and CEO of The Accounts Payable Association
  • How to digitise the Accounts Payable process
  • Insights from three successful Accounts Payable projects

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